Start, Stop & Restart MaxDB Database Analyzer

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MaxDB Database Analyzer is used to analyze performance bottlenecks on MaxDB and LiveCache.

SAP MaxDB Database Studio 7.9

Open the SAP MaxDB Database Studio 7.9. On the Overview page (the first screen when logged on the administration page), click Database Analyzer. By right, you can see the Database Analyzer state from the Overview page. The Database Analyzer screen will pop up and at here, you can start, stop and restart the service. You can also select the start options, the configuration file name or to delete the old logs.

SAP MaxDB Database Studio 7.9 - Start, Stop & Restart DB Analyzer

MaxDB Database Manager 7.6

Go to Check tab and click on Database Analyzer. You will find the state, process id, configuration file and other information on the right panel. You can perform the start and stop by clicking on grey or red circle button.

MaxDB Database Manager 7.6 - Start & Stop DB Analyzer

DBMCLI command

Login to the dbmcli and execute below command for start, stop and verify the status.


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