Start & Stop SAP Web Dispatcher

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UNIX / Linux

In UNIX or Linux operating system. You can use below command to start or stop SAP Web Dispatcher. Make sure you logged as sidadm to perform this task.

Start SAP Web Dispatcher
Go to the profile directory and execute below command.

> sapwebdisp pf=PROFILE-NAME

Stop SAP Web Dispatcher
Find the process ID for SAP Web Dispatcher by executing command ps -ef and grep the dev_webdisp_SID

> ps -ef | grep dev_webdisp_SID

root 24498 1234  0  May 29 /usr/sap/../run/sapwebdisp pf=SID.pfl dev_webdisp_SID

2. Kill the PID

# kill -2 1234


You can start or stop SAP Web Dispatcher from Windows Services or from Computer Management MMC

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