Steps to Deploy SCA File using SUM

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In this activity, we are going to deploy an SCA file onto the SAP Process Integration using the SAP Software Update Manager (SUM).

You might want to refer to the below statement from SAP official guide,

If your version of SAP Process Integration is prior to 7.3 EHP1, use the Java Support Package Manager (JSPM) tool to deploy the SCA on SAP Process Integration.
From SAP Process Integration version 7.3 EHP1 onwards you must use the SAP Software Update Manager (SUM) tool to deploy the SCA.

1. Let us get started now, first of all – ensure you have all the media files and access required for this deployment. It will be as below,

– SUM tools (download the latest version)
– Ensure your SAP Host Agent version is sufficient to execute the SUM tool.
– SCA file of course!
– root/administrator privileges, sidadm and j2ee_admin password.

2. Extract and launch the SUM tool. Use your web browser to open the SUM page. Click Next.

SUM - Welcome Screen

3. Specify the OS user credentials. In this screen, you have to enter the username and password for sidadm. Click on Next.

SUM - Specify OS User Credentials

4. For SCA file deployment, select Manually prepared directory. Define the location of the SCA file. Click Next.

SUM - Define Target

5. Enter the password for J2EE_ADMIN. Click Next.

SUM - Input Java Administrator User

6. Select the component which you are required to install.

SUM - Select Components

7. Select Continue.

SUM - Show Validation Result

8. No action required here, just click Next.

SUM - Show System Parameters

9. Before you begin the update, ensure you have created all the required backups in case of restoring to the previous software component versions.

SUM - Begin Update

10. Click Next.

SUM - Update Complete

11. The summary of the update process. Click Next.

SUM - Summary

12. All activities are completed!

SUM - Final

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