Steps to Import New Device Type into SAP System

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In this activity, we are going to add a new device type into the SAP system. For this example, we are using HP device type. Before get started, you must download the device type file from the HP website. For others, you will need to download the file from the manufacturers website. The file will be in .pri.

1. Open your SAP system and execute transaction code SE38. Key in RSTXSCRP into the field box and press execute (F8).


2. On below screen, select Device Type. Set the following,

Object name – Enter the XXXX.PRI (the file you downloaded from the manufacturer’s website).

Then, press Execute (F8).

RSTXSCRP - SAPscript Export & Import Dataset

3. Select Local Object.

RSTXSCRP - Create Object Directory Entry

4. The next screen will ask you to locate the XXXX.PRI file. Select the file and allow any grant access required to the file.

5. You will see below notification shows that the device type is successfully imported.

Device Type Import Completed

6. To verify, go to transaction code SPAD. Select Full Administration and jump to DeviceTypes tab. Enter the device type you imported earlier and you will see the imported device type there.

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