Steps to Create and Copy SAP Area Menu

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Create SAP Area Menu

Execute transaction code SE43. Press F5 to create a new area menu. Enter the Area menu name and description. Then, click on Create Area Class.

SE43 - Create Area Menu

On the next screen, ensure you are in the change mode – Click on Add Entry as Subnode (SHIFT + F7) to add the desire menu entries. The menu entries are consists of transaction codes and reports.

SE43 - Add New Entries

Save and you will get the new customized Area Menu as below.

SE43 - Edit Area Menu

Execute the transaction code ZMENU_ITSITI to access the new created Area Menu.

SE43 - SAP Easy Access Area Menu

Copy SAP Area Menu

Execute transaction code SE43. Fill in the Area Menu of the source to copy.

SE43 - Area Menu Source

From the top menu, select Area Menu > Copy (or keyboard shortcut, CTRL + F5). Enter the new Area Menu name and description.

SE43 - Copy Area Menu

The copy of Area Menu is completed. You can always add additional entries (transaction codes, reports) by clicking on the pencil icon (change mode).

SE43 - Area Menu Maintenance - Copy

Assign Area Menu

Finally, assign the Area Menu to the user(s). You can specifically assign using transaction code SU01. Go to Defaults tab and put the Area Menu created under Start menu. So, in the next log in – user will automatically adapted to the assigned Area Menu.

SE43 - Defaults - Start Menu - SU01

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