STMS: RFC error when sending logon data

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When you executing transaction code STMS_IMPORT, you received error, ” RFC error when sending logon data”.


1. Login to the client 000. Go to transaction code SM59, to test the connection for TMSADM. Go to transaction code SM59. Double click on TMSADM@xx.DOMAIN_xx. Check the password for the TMSADM is correct. If not, please change password in transaction code SU01 and maintain the same password in SM59 for the TMSADM connection.

2. Once changed, please generate back the RFC connection, reset the tmsadm user, update configuration and distribute, activate to all clients in transaction code STMS.

3. If issue still persist, refer to SAP Note 1532825 (Deleting the SECSTORE entries) or

4. Additional, refer to Step 3 at

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