SU01: SAP User Maintenance

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Transaction code SU01 is used for user maintenance in SAP system. From this transaction code, you can create, change, display and save a new or existing user. For an existing user, you can copy, delete and rename the user setting and attributes. Additional to this, you can also change the password and even lock the user from using the SAP system.

SU01 - User Maintenance

For user details, you can fill in the username inside the user tab and press F8. The next page will list out all the details which varies from title, first/last name, address, contact details, password status, validity status, parameter, roles, date format and etc.

SU01 - Display & Maintain User

Some company will restrict the usage of transaction code SU01 but you will still able to display the user details by executing the transaction code SU01D (for display only).

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