SU02: Maintain SAP Authorization Profiles

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The transaction code SU02 can be use to manually edit SAP profiles. As notification from the initial screen, SAP has recommended to not use this transaction any longer for profile and user administration. You can use the transaction code PFCG instead (click on To Profile Generator to directly go to transaction code PFCG).

SU02 - Maintain SAP Authorization Profiles

The transaction code PFCG makes it much easier to allocate authorizations. However, if you do not wish to use the PFCG, you can still use this transaction code SU02.

To start the editing, click on the Generate Work Area. The Profile List will appear. You can select or create a new profile name.

SU02 - Profile List

On the next screen, you can add or delete the SAP authorization and object. Once done, you can save and activate them all.

SU02 - Maintain Profile


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