SUIM: Change Documents

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You can use this report to determine all changes to the following objects:

• A user (RSUSR100)
• A profile (RSUSR101)
• An authorization (RSUSR102)
• A role assignment (RSSCD100_PFCG)
• A role (RSSCD100_PFCG)

Note that changes for users, profiles, and authorizations are divided into two areas:

• Changes to authorizations: creating the user, changing, adding, or removing profiles
• Changing header data: password changes, validity, user type, user group, account number, lock status

You can select both field to obtain all information. In this case, the left column shows the status before the change the right column the changed entry. You determine the changes for roles and role assignments using a separate interface.

Determine Documents for Users, Profiles, and Authorizations

1. Start the user information system (transaction SUIM). Expand the Change Documents node. Choose the Execute option next to For Users (or For Profiles or For Authorizations). Specify the user (or the profile, or the authorization) and other restricting values, and choose Execute.

2. The result list Lists of Change Documents for Users appears. You can display details for profiles and authorizations by double clicking the appropriate object in the result list.

Determining Documents for Roles and Role Assignments

The interface for determining change documents for role assignment is a section of the interface to determine the change documents for roles.

1. Start the user information system (transaction SUIM). Expand the Change Documents node. Choose the Execute option next to For Roles (or For Role Assignments). Enter the required details and then choose Execute.

You can select an individual role or a particular change document with the fields Name of the Role and Change Number of the Document. You can use the fields Changed By and To Date or To Time to further restrict the selection. You can use the button next to Changed By to enter your user name in the input field.

You can also choose the following document types under Change Documents, where an additional input field is displayed at the end of the list for some document types:

• Overview of change documents
• Creating and deleting roles
• Role description
• Single roles in composite roles
• Transactions in the role menu
• Other objects in the role menu
• Authorization data
• Org. level value
• Authorization profile
• Attributes
• MiniApps
• Composite role home page
• User assignment

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