SYB: Database Configuration for SAP applications on SAP ASE

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SAP applications require specific database configurations. Most of the configuration parameters are initially set by the SAP installer.

Some configuration parameters have to be changed by DBAs in order to adapt the database to the specific workload of a system. It is neccessary that you check the configuration requirements to ensure that these requirements are fulfilled.

The configuration requirements and recommendations depend on the SAP ASE versions.

The following table lists the SAP Notes with database configuration requirements for different releases. The SAP Notes are valid for the versions mentioned and for all following versions until an SAP Note with a higher version number is available.

> SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.7 = SAP Note 1749935
> SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise 16.0 = SAP Note 1581695


SAP Note 1539124 – SYB: Database Configuration for SAP applications on SAP ASE
SAP Note 1581695 – SYB: Configuration Guide for SAP ASE 16.0
SAP Note 1749935 – SYB: Configuration Guide for SAP ASE 15.7


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