System Change Option to Modifiable or Not Modifiable in SE06

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In transaction code SE06, you can change the SAP system to modifiable or not modifiable. Please be aware that the changes is only apply in non production system. Please be extra careful before changing in production system.

You can set the status to Modifiable or not Modifiable for the Global Setting.

Alternatively, you can set on specific Software Component or Namespace/Name Range manually or via Edit and select or which status you wanted to change.

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5 Responses to “System Change Option to Modifiable or Not Modifiable in SE06”

  1. shan says:

    Why Global settings Namespace and software components should be not modifiable in Production system. If it is set as modifiable what is the risk?

    • Siti says:

      Because it’s a production system. You should always safeguard your production system. By the way, you cannot simply do any changes if the Namespace/Software Components are set to modifiable because you still need to open the client setting from SCC4 and obtain the developer key!

      • rick says:

        This means that when global settings are modifiable, this alone is not a risk
        This would only be a risk if the client settings are set to “No changes allowed”?

  2. Nick says:

    Hi Guys, i have a short question – is it possible to check this from OS level? if yes – how can this be done?

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