Table TRBAT contains lock entry: LOCKMARK

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The transport dispatcher program RDDIMPDP has found a lock entry LOCKMARK in table TRBAT. This lock entry prevents concurrent access by different dispatcher programs. Normally, such entries are deleted after a short time.


Program RDDIMPDP has terminated without performing its tasks. If required, program RDDIMPDP is started again automatically after a short period of time.


1. If the message is only sometimes displayed, this is normal. No error has occurred.
2. If the message is regularly displayed, check the job overview. Find out whether there are any cancelled background jobs that have a name beginning with RDDIMPDP (entry ‘RDDIMPDP*’ for job name, ‘*’ for user name).
3. Go to transaction code SM30 or SE14. Enter the table as TRBAT, delete all entries.
4. If you do not have authorization on SM30 or SE14. Execute the process via SQL

SQL> select * from SAPSR3.TRBAT;
SQL> delete from SAPSR3.TRBAT;
SQL> commit;

5. If the issue still persist, go to buffer directory. Look for the affected SID, mv the SID to SID.OLD.


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