The chosen Software Provisioning Manager does not match the operating system version

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You have launch the SAP Software Provisioning Manager tool, unfortunately – below error message coming,

The chosen Software Provisioning Manager does not match the operating system version. DETAILS: Platform NTAMD64 in version 5.2 is not supported.. SOLUTION: Make sure that you use the recommended version for this supported operating system. For more information about the restricted shipment mode for deprecated operating system versions, see SAP Note 1680045.

70SWPM Restricted Maintenance


Read through the SAP Note 1680045 – Release Note for Software Provisioning Manager 1.0 SP18. Below statement taken from the SAP Note,

SAP is going to restrict the maintenance for operating system versions that have been initially released with SAP Kernel 7.20 but are no longer supported for SAP Kernel 7.40 and higher. The following Software Provisioning Manager operating system versions are affected:


If you operating system listed as in the above list, you must use the RMOSSWPM*.SAR and RMOS70SWPM*.SAR. You may download the media file from the same page of standard SWPM in SAP Service Marketplace.



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