TP Program not Registered

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Logon Connection Error
Error Details Error when opening an RFC connection
Error Details ERROR: program <program name>not registered
Error Details LOCATION: SAP-Gateway on host xxxxxx / sapgwXX
Error Details DETAIL: TP <program name> not registered
Error Details COMPONENT: SAP-Gateway
Error Details COUNTER: 6268
Error Details MODULE: gwr3cpic.c
Error Details LINE: 1694
Error Details RETURN CODE: 679
Error Details SUBRC: 0
Error Details RELEASE: 700
Error Details TIME: Tue Jan 30 01:16:34 2011
Error Details VERSION: 2


1. If you use any ABAP-based front end technology (for example BSP, Web Dynpro ABAP, BEx Web Reporting, SAPGUI for HTML etc), you have to check/create an RFC destination in the SAP system to connect the IGS to the SAP system. Refer to this guide.

2. Auto register the TP program

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