How to Transport SAP Roles

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The guide will show you the steps on how to transport SAP roles to another SAP system.

Execute transaction code PFCG and put the role name. Click on the Truck icon.

PFCG - Transport Role

Select the option Also Transport Single Roles for Composite Roles & Also Transport Generated Profiles for Single Roles. Press Execute (F8). But, if you have multiple roles to transport, you can click on Multiple selection to add another Roles.

Mass Transport of Roles

Click OK on the information box.

Select both options, User assignment and Personalization.

Choose Objects - Role Transport

Again, click OK on the information box.

Create the transport request and save! Once done, you can release the transport request and import to the target client or system.

Role Transport - Prompt for Customizing Request


You can refer to How to Copy SAP Role Between Clients or Systems by using the download / upload method.

In case you want to move a large amount of SAP roles, you can the below function. From transaction code PFCG initial screen, go to Utilities > Mass transport.

PFCG - Mass Transport

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