Types of Database Space in Sybase IQ

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DBspace TypeDescriptionFiles Contained by DBspace Number of DBspace
SYSTEM System tables / views / stored procedures / SQL Anywhere tables and function definitions1>1
Other catalog dbspaces SQL Anywhere tables1>1
IQ_SYSTEM_MAIN IQ database structures including IQ rollforward / rollback data for each committed transaction and each active checkpointed transaction / the incremental backup metadata and database space and identity metadata. IQ user objects may be stored here but Sybase recommends that you put them in other main dbspaces>1>1
Other main dbspaces (also called user dbspaces) IQ objects such as tables / indexes / join indexes and table metadata>1>1
IQ_SYSTEM_TEMP Set of 1 to n temporary dbfiles that define a single temporary dbspace for a standalone database or multiplex node>11
IQ_SYSTEM_MSG External file that logs messages about database activity1 per multiplex node1

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