How to Upgrade SAP Kernel in Windows Environment

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In our previous articles, we have shows you on how to upgrade the SAP Kernel on the UNIX / Linux environment and using Software Update Manager (SUM). In this article, we are going to explain the steps to upgrade kernel in Windows operating system.


Firstly, you need to determine the current installed and future target of SAP Kernel. So, once all determined – you can download the necessary files (SAPEXE / SAPEXEDB) from the SAP Service Marketplace.

SAP Service Marketplace Kernel Download

Move and extract both files into one folder.

Upgrade Progress

Shutdown your SAP system (no need to shutdown the database). Navigate to below directory, \usr\sap\SID\SYS\exe\uc. Create a backup of NTAMD64 (old kernel). The NEW_KERNEL folder is our latest kernel to be apply.

Kernel Upgrade Windows - Backup Old Kernel

Now, move all the files inside NEW_KERNEL to NTAMD64. Replaces all the existing files.

Kernel Upgrade Windows - Move New Kernel

Bring up your SAP system and verify the upgraded SAP Kernel from transaction code SM51. You are done!

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