User type 11 is not active

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User type 11 is not active
Message no. BV003


The user type is not currently actively available.


There cab be a number of reasons for the user type being inactive:

· The user type is not in an activated price list. You have the following options:

a) Reclassify the user(s). To do this, you can use the tool in the system measurement (transaction USMM) that is used for migrating price lists (-> Environment -> Migration of price list).

b) Set the correct active price list(s) in the system measurement transaction, on the Price Lists tab page. It is only meaningful to have multiple active price lists in exceptional cases.

· The user type is in an activated price list(s), but has been deactivated using the active indicator.

Start the system measurement transaction (USMM). On the User Types tab page, set the corresponding Active indicator, and save the setting.


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