Version Interoperability between SAP Business Suite and SAP NetWeaver Systems

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Your organization plan to do an upgrade of your SAP ERP system. The current version now is at SAP ERP 6.0 (with no EHP). Aside to SAP ERP system, there is another SAP NetWeaver system which at version SAP NetWeaver 7.0.

Your superior plan to do the upgrade only on SAP ERP system (which to EHP8) and not for SAP NetWeaver 7.0. From the BASIS perspective, you may need to check the impact of this activity.


1. First of all, you may need to navigate The SAP Upgrade Dependency Analyzer will help you to determine the impacts and consequences of your strategy. Refer to this article for details, SAP Upgrade Dependency Analyzer (UDA).

2. Refer to SAP Note 1388258 – Version Interoperability between SAP Business Suite and SAP NetWeaver Systems. Taken from the note,

Support of different innovation speeds within a solution landscape is required by most customers. Software updates (e.g. implementing of SAP Business Suite Enhancement Packages) or release upgrades (e.g. upgrade to SAP NetWeaver PI 7.3 should be possible for individual systems in a landscape without the need of updating or upgrading other connected systems simultaneously or delayed. All existing cross-scenarios with those connected systems – using the same existing functionality – should work after the update or upgrade of the individual system. Especially for SAP NetWeaver systems that are typically used as central hubs within a system landscape (e.g. SAP NetWeaver Portal, SAP NetWeaver PI or SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse), connected to multiple SAP Business Suite application systems, this version interoperability between SAP NetWeaver and SAP Business Suite has high importance

You may get the below version interoperability for SAP Business Suite / SAP NetWeaver from the SAP Note. Below image is credit from SAP.

SAP Business Suite VS SAP NetWeaver


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