What is Operating System Collector SAPOSCOL

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The operating system collector SAPOSCOL is a stand-alone program that runs in the operating system background. It runs independently of SAP instances exactly once per monitored host. SAPOSCOL collects data about operating system resources, including:

• Usage of virtual and physical memory
• CPU utilization
• Utilization of physical disks and file systems
• Resource usage of running processes

SAPOSCOL makes the data available using a segment of the shared memory for various applications and all SAP instances on a host. A CCMS agent or a dialog work process reads the data from the shared memory. You can display the data in various monitoring architecture monitors or in the operating system monitor (transactions OS07 and ST06). If the operating system data is read and sent by CCMS agents, you can display operating system data for any hosts in a central system.

Background to Origin
When the development of SAP R/3 was begun, hardware resources on UNIX servers were so scarce that it was necessary to customize the applications to these resources. In many areas, SAP R/3 is based on a logical, operating system-like level (such as memory management or managing the work processes). SAP R/3 could only manage these tasks if it had access to reliable performance values for the operating system, independent of the specific operating system. SAPOSCOL performs this task with a small usage of resources such as CPU or memory.


The program SAPOSCOL is delivered with every SAP system, but is not restricted to SAP systems. The special features of the program are:

• You require a special authorization to use SAPOSCOL
• SAPOSCOL runs exactly once on each host.
• SAPOSCOL runs independently of the SAP system.

By default, SAPOSCOL collects the current data every ten seconds and records it, and records the hourly averages for the last 24 hours. Another background job, SAP_COLLECTOR_FOR_PERFORMANCE, takes performance data for the last 24 hours from the shared memory and writes it to the MONI performance database. You can compare this data for one or more hosts.

Supported Operating Systems
SAPOSCOL is delivered for the following operating system platforms:

• Microsoft Windows
• OS/390
• OS/400

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