What is SAP Note?

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SAP Note give you instructions on how to remove known errors from SAP Systems. They include a description of the symptoms, the cause of the error, and the SAP Release and Support Package level in which the error occurs. Depending on the type of error, an SAP Note may also include:

• Workarounds
• Descriptions of how to correct repository objects in the ABAP workbench, known as correction instructions
• Links to Support Packages that solve the problem

You can access SAP Notes both from the SAP Service Marketplace and SAPNet – R/3 Front end.

The Note Assistant can automatically implement only SAP Notes that have correction instructions. Read the SAP Note carefully before you use the Note Assistant to implement it. The SAP Note can contain prerequisites, interactions, and references to post processing activities (making changes to a table, for example) that you must take into consideration when you implement it.

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