Windows Server 2012 Installation Steps

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The installation was done in Oracle VirtualBox environment using the trial version of Windows Server 2012.

On the start screen, set Language to install, Time and current format and Keyboard or input method. Once done, click Next.

Windows 2012 - Language, Time, Currency & Keyboard

Click on Install Now.

Windows 2012 - Install Now

In this example, we have selected the Windows Server 2012 Standard (Server with a GUI). Click Next.

Windows 2012 - Select OS Type

Accept the Microsoft license terms.

Windows 2012 - License Terms

Choose the Custom: Install Windows only (advanced).

Windows 2012 - Custom - Install

Select the Windows location to install.

Windows 2012 - Disk Location

The Windows 2012 installation begins. Now, you will just have to wait.

Windows 2012 - Installing Windows

Next, define the Administrator password.

Windows 2012 - Administrator Password

The installation is about to finish. You need to press CTRL + ALT + DELETE to sign in.

Windows 2012 - CTRL + ALT + DEL

Key in the Administrator password again.

Windows 2012 - Enter Administrator Password

Your Windows Server 2012 is now ready!

Windows 2012 - Desktop

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