Windows XP NetMeeting

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NetMeeting provides people around the world with a new way of communicating. With NetMeeting, you can participate in meetings, work in shared programs using NetMeeting features, and transfer information over the Internet or your corporate intranet. In addition, you can talk to people using audio, video, or chat.

By default, the NetMeeting is hidden/not configured in Windows XP. You will need to configure and install at first. To enable NetMeeting, perform the following steps,

1. Go to the Start > Run.Type Conf and select OK.

2. The NetMeeting configuration wizard starts, click Next.

3. Enter your personal details, click Next.

4. Select listing directory options, click Next.

5. Select your connection media, click Next.

6. Configure the shortcut options to your liking and click Next.

7. Click Next to configure volume options and Next again to confirm that the microphone works. Click Finish.


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