Work Process Distribution Rules

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Number of Work Processes

The total number of work processes cannot be changed because it is defined in the instance profile. When the system is started, the defined number of processes is generated at operating system level, and cannot therefore be changed during an operation mode switch.

Dialog Processes

You cannot change the number of dialog processes directly. The number of dialog processes is calculated automatically from the total number of work processes minus all the other work processes. There must always be at least two dialog processes. The number of other work process types can only be increased if there are more than two dialog processes.

Background processes

The number of background processes can be changed as required. The number of background processes can be set to 0 for each server, but there must be at least 1 background process available in the system. The number of work processes reserved for job class A is a subset of the number of background processes. You should only reserve work processes for job class A if it makes sense within your system organization. Work processes reserved for class A jobs are no longer available for job classes B or C.

Update processes

The number of update and V2 update processes can be increased as required, but cannot be reduced to 0. If no update process were available, the update queue could not be processed during an operation mode switch. If an instance is running without an update process, you cannot increase the number to 1 during an operation mode switch.

Enqueue processes

The number of enqueue processes can only be changed within certain limitations. An instance is defined as an enqueue server in the instance profile. You can only change the number of enqueue processes as follows:

• 1 to n
• n to 1

You can increase the number of enqueue processes to more than 1. However, most of the time there is no advantage in doing so. You should only increase the number of enqueue processes to more than 1 after consulting EarlyWatch or your SAP consultant.

Spool processes

The number of spool processes cannot be changed.

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  • dilip

    when do the dialog work process go to hold,stopped,private mode status

  • Siti

    ** Status may occurred on different scenario, please have a details informations from dev_w* logs **

    PRIV Status
    Refer ITsiti

    HOLD Status
    If a work process is in Hold status, the reason is displayed. Typical reasons are: Debugging, CPIC activity, locks, updates, GUI (system waits for response from the SAPGUI front-end program, for example, for a remote function call (RFC)). Refer SAPHelp

    Aborted; Restart set to No. Refer SAPHelp

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