Could not create user TMSADM (Message no. XT006)

Could not create user TMSADM
Message no. XT006


User TMSADM is created when the Transport Management System is configured. This is done using the function module SUSR_RFC_USER_INTERFACE. An error occurred here:

Action: 02
Exception: 6

Meaning of the action:

01 Create
02 Change
03 Read
04 Check

Meaning of the exception:

    1   user_dont_exist
    2   user_already_exists
    3   not_authorized
    4   username_required
    5   bad_method
    6   password_required
    7   usergroup_dont_exist
    8   bad_time_rage
    9   bad_usertype
   10   update_error
   99   others

The exceptions are explained in the documentation for the function module SUSR_RFC_USER_INTERFACE.

System Response

The function terminates.


Correct the error and repeat the configuration of the Transport Management System.

Please refer to the below SAP Notes to assist you, fixing the issue.

  • 2385492 – Could not create user TMSADM
  • 1047762 – STMS: Could not create user TMSADM
  • 1568362 – TMSADM password change

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