No user has been defined for service /sap/bc/contentserver

You are engaging in activities on the SAP Fiori launchpad apps, but these activities are interrupted by the following error message.

No user has been defined for service /sap/bc/contentserver

System Response
HTTP access is refused

Procedure for System Administration
Start transaction and define a user with anonymous access to service /sap/bc/contentserver


The solution depends on the storage type of the content repositories. If you are using the SAP system database as the content repository, you may follow the SAP Note 2827260 – Configuration steps for /sap/bc/contentserver service and SAP Note 685521 – Logon data for service /sap/bc/contentserver. The high-level steps involved are,

  • Ensure the /sap/bc/contentserver is active
  • Create a user for the anonymous access and maintain it to the /sap/bc/contentserver service
  • Create an alias for /sap/bc/contentserver and maintain the above user to the service.

Otherwise, please contact your external content server provider to configure the appropriate settings.

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