Only edit objects from package in local requests (Message no. TK332)

Only edit objects from package in local requests (Message no. TK332)


Objects in package ZXXXXX cannot be edited in transportable Workbench requests in the current system SID. The transport routes are configured such that objects from package ZXXXXX can only be edited in local Workbench requests.

System Response

The function terminates.


You have the following options:

If you want to transport objects in package ZXXXXX into the target SID once only, without changing the configuration of the transport routes, then create a transport of copies in the extended view of the Transport Organizer (Transaction SE01). Go to the request overview and choose Request/task -> Object list -> Include objects to include your objects in this transport of copies.

If you would like objects in package ZXXXXX to be transported generally into the target system SID, contact your transport administrator. In this case, the configuration of the transport routes must be corrected in the Transport Management System (TMS). For details, see the documentation on the Transport Management System.

Refer to SAP Note 2209967 – Only edit objects from package in local requests.

Typically, in a development system, there are at least two transport layers: the SAP layer for standard SAP objects and a Z layer for custom objects.

Make sure that both the SAP and Z* layers are assigned to a transport route. To ensure that corrections are transportable, the transport layers must be configured in STMS.

In transaction code SE21, check the assigned transport layer’s package.

In transaction code STMS, double click on the Z* transport layer to see the listed packages.

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