Report could not be exported (Message no. GR556)

You tried to export a report from the SAP system via the SAPGUI, unfortunately, the task did not complete due to below error message,


Our user reported the issue during the report execution via Transaction GR55 and we are able to fix the issue by following the SAP Note 1960553 – Error message GR556 in GR55.

Taken from the note,

The problem occurs because the path you are using contains a dot “.” for which our export is reserved as the separator between file and file type. When you export the file, a check is done to see whether the correct file type is being used for the type of export. As our logic assumes that a dot “.” is the separator between file name and file type, the first 3 characters after the dot are checked to see if they match with the required file type. So the program logic checks to see whether ‘DAT’ occurs after the first dot found. In this case the program logic sees that the dot comes after and checks the next three characters ‘XXX’ which of course are not ‘DAT’. Therefore the system brings the popup ‘For the selected file format DAT the file extension DAT is recommended’ and if you hit “Change and continue” then the system changes the path to .dat and because this is not a valid path the message ‘Report could not be exported’ is issued.

So the resolution is, (we follow the first one – less complicated :-P)

  • Change file name or path
  • Or apply a via Modification note 734803, where means there is never a check made on the file extension, then you must always be sure to enter a correct file extension. If you want to use this modification, please contact SAP Active Global Support a request the authorization to use.

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