Scan ABAP Report Sources: Search ABAP program code/screen flow logic for certain texts (strings)


Search ABAP program code/screen flow logic for certain texts (strings).


  • Searched String:

You can enter several texts to be searched here. The text to be searched should be entered without masking characters (*,+). Only the entered text is relevant for the search; select option conditions like not equal, greater than, smaller than, etc. are ignored.

  • Found Location +/- x lines:

With this function, you can define how many program lines before and after the found location of the searched strings are to be put out. If you specify 0, only the program lines containing the searched string are displayed.

  • Resolving Includes:

This feature is useful when you search ABAP module pools, e.g. SAPMP56T or ABAP function pools, e.g. SAPLPTRV_UTIL.n The report then also searches in all includes that are utilized in the specified programs.

  • Change Modification Assistant

Searches for all changes in the program code that were made with the modification assistant.

  • Ignore Comment Lines

All program lines with a ‘*’ in the first row are ignored at the string search and not displayed in the output.

  • Search Area:

Defines the search area

  1. In the program coding of the selected ABAP programs
  2. In the flow logic of the selected screens
  3. In the program coding and the flow logic

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