SUMSTART: File ‘others’ permission violation

You are not able to launch the SUM (Software Update Manager) due to the following error message,

*** ERROR => /SAPmedia/SUM/abap/SUMSTART: File 'others' permission violation (permissions: 777, owner: sidadm (108), group: sapsys (107)) [CommandImplu 527]
*** ERROR => Permission policy violation [CommandImplu 1214]


Starting with SAP Host Agent Patch 47, a permission policy check has been implemented. As a result, SUM will not start if the permissions for any directories, files, or executables in the SUM directory are set to 777.

Refer to both SAP Notes,

  • 2962897 – “Permission policy violation” error in logs when launching SUM UI in the browser
  • 2949666 – Starting SUM tool hangs or fails with “Permission policy violation”

You need to change all the file permissions in the SUM directory to 755, then relaunch the SUM UI.

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