Export & Import Printers in SAP

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You are doing database refresh and want to preserve the current configured printers in your SAP system and re-import back after completed the database refresh.

Exporting Printer

1. Execute transaction code SPAD. Click on the Output devices.

SPAD - List of Output Devices

2. Switch to change mode and click on any of the output device. Go to Edit > Transfer > Export.

Export SPAD Printers

3. Next, in the Import and Export of Device Descriptions screen, you need to select

• Operation = Export
• Options = Execute export, Generate log and Export Printer Configuration
• Objects for export = Put as * if you want to export all the printers or you can define which printers to be export via multiple selection option.

SPAD Export Info

4. Press Execute (F8). If you happened to receive below notification, just select YES.

If printer configuration data is also exported,
the generated file is incompatible with older
SAP systems (see SAP Note 1040202). Continue?

5. Save the export file (text format file) in your local computer. Please be noted, some of SAP component (ECC, R/3) will asking for location to save the export file. So, you will need to provide the full path to your local computer.

SPAD - Save As Export File

6. The export file log of device descriptions will generated. You printer export is completed.

SPAD - Device Descriptions Export Log

Importing Printer

1. Follow all steps as per exporting but choose IMPORT instead for step 2 & 3.

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