Unlock SAP Request & Tasks

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This program is used to unlock a request or task. Normally, all objects in the request are unlocked, and its status is set to Modifiable. If the request has already been released, it keeps the status Released. To unlock a request, you need the administration authorization in the Transport Organizer.

1. Execute transaction code SE03. Select Unlock Objects (Expert Tool) and click execute.

2. A box will prompt for confirmation on unlocking the objects request.

3. Unlock requests/tasks in exceptional cases only. This activity is logged. To display the log, choose Log.


• Use the function Create versions of the objects to create versions of all the objects when you unlock a change request, so that you can document their current version.
• Use the function Set to ‘Released’ to set the request to Released automatically when you unlock it. You can then no longer use this request.
• Use the function Create transport of copies to create a new transport of copies when you unlock change requests, and copy the object list of the request to the transport.

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