Start & Stop MaxDB Database

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You can use one of the following method (DBM GUI or DBM CLI) to execute the start and stop of MaxDB database.

Start & Stop via DBM GUI

1. Access to your DBM GUI. Go to Actions. Select Offline to shutdown and Online to start.


The database always shuts down (offline) when it is switched from online to admin mode, you can either switch to offline and then to admin or switch directly to admin. There is no difference!

Start & Stop via DBM CLI


dbmcli –d <db_name> -u <dbm_user>,<password> db_offline


dbmcli –d <db_name> -u <dbm_user>,<password> db_online


If you want to perform some administrative tasks and no user should be connected to the database instance, you can put the database into state ADMIN:

dbmcli –d <db_name> -u <dbm_user>,<password> db_admin

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  • harry

    nice.. what abt the status checks?

    • Execute this command,


  • Moopnarain

    i have one max db, but that are generate the error few days that are not started in admin mode.

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